Chief – Richard Dreby
Deputy Chief – Alan Zimmermann
First Battalion Chief – Howard Roun
Second Battalion Chief – Mike Stokes
Acting Captain – John Skowronski
Fire Police Captain – William Quigg
Fire Police Lieutenant – Leo Bankowski
Fire Police Lieutenant – James Teesdale
Engineer – Dale Palmer
Assistant Engineer – John Miller
Chaplin – Reverend David Confer

President – Brian Cattell
Vice President – John Miller
Treasurer – John Skowronski
Assistant Treasurer – William Quigg
Financial Secretary – Joanne Huber
Recording Secretary – Robin Breiner
Board of Directors – William Breiner
Board of Directors – Jules Dore’
Board of Directors – Howard Dreby Jr
Board of Directors – Robin Breiner
Board of Directors – Briana Breiner

Fire Department Roster
Austin, Eric – Life Member
Bankowski, Hailey
Bankowski, Mark – Auxiliary/Junior Member
Bankowski, Leo
Bankowski, Teree
Belton, Dominic – Auxiliary/Junior Member
Bohley Sr, David– Life Member
Bradshaw, Larry – Honorary Member
Breiner, Briana
Breiner, Robin
Breiner, William
Burkholder, Randy – Life Member
Cattell, Brian
Confer, Reverend David
Conley, William – Life Member
Depew, Cliff
Dore’, Jules – Life Member
Dorworth, David – Life Member
Dreby, Donald – Life Member
Dreby Jr., Howard – Life Member
Dreby, Richard – Life Member
Fries, James – Auxiliary/Junior Member
Gideon, Matthew – Life Member
Gindville, Brian
Gindville, Keith
Groff, Albert
Huber, Joanne
Ingling, Mike – Life Member
Keisler, Ken
Kilmer, Tracy – Honorary Member
Lamon Jr, Warren – Life Member
Locke, Thomas – Life Member
Loulou, Manny – Honorary Member
Miller, John – Life Member
O’Brien, Joseph – Life Member
Palmer, Dale
Quigg, William – Life Member
Roun, Howard  – Life Member
Scalise, Frank
Skowronski Jr, John – Life Member
Stanton, Christopher – Honorary Member
Stanton, James – Life Member
Stokes, Mike – Life Member
Teesdale, James
Tucker, Shelby
Yansick, Jay – Life Member
Young, Gabe – Auxiliary/Junior Member
Zimmermann, Alan – Life Member